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Wet Tile Saw Reviews

Best Wet Tile Saw:

If you cut tile for a living, then your tile saw is your 'moneymaker'. Just which wet tile saws are the best? We did research on the top 5 models on the market and compared them head to head based on features like HP, ripping capacity, weight (ease of mobility), ability to do angled cuts or plunge cuts, laser guiding, LED worklight, stand, accuracy, and blade size. You will find quite a few models around $100 and then there is a slight gap to about $250 and then quite a few more at the $700 to $900 range. The SKIL 3540-02 4.2-Amp 7-Inch is the first on our radar and comes in under $100. The Skil was solid for small projects by DIY homeowners but probably not what a professional tiler would want on a daily basis. Great on 12" or 6" porcelain tile and considered the "best saw on the market" in that price range. The Master Cut 60089 and MK Diamond 158252 are close, but we give the edge to Skil. Next in price was the Ridgid 7" Portable Tile Saw (model R4030) which we found at Home Depot for $300. Our tile setter was using this saw on our small bathroom remodel. With a capacity to rip cut a 24 inch tile, it worked nicely on our larger floor tiles. For diagonal cuts, it could handle up to 18" tiles. The table was a bit bent so the guy had to constantly have his partner hold the saw down on the side to keep it even. The motor did have trouble with some of the porcelain tile we had. To be fair, even the company that installed our hinged shower doors into the tile on the floor mentioned how tough the tile was to drill into. The high end saws like the Lackmond WTS2000LN Beast, Bosch TC10 10-Inch Wet Tile Saw, or DEWALT D24000S are the real winners in this category if you are planning on doing lots of tile work. Professionals praise these 3 saws and the reviews back up their claims. Compared to the cheaper wet tile saws that have issues with blades not being square, bent tables, motors not powerful enough, and the inability to cut tile without chipping it, those that lay tile for a living will appreciate the features in the $700 to $1000 class of tile saws. The saws with more horsepower can get through marble or thicker tile with ease. No chipping. Moving on to another mid-range saw is the QEP 83230 30-Inch Bridge Tile Saw at $420. It's accurate, the motor is strong (cuts through 3cm granite and no issues on heavy porcelain tiles. Some say the saw is cumbersome and has some leakage, but overall for the money it's a solid purchase. We provided an excellent comparison video below which features The DeWalt D2400, a Husqvarna, an Imer, and the Ridgid. Watch the video to see key features and most importantly how long does it take to setup the saw out of the box. View most popular wet tile saws here.

Wet Tile Saw Reviews:

We found the best reviews to be posted on Sure, there are plenty of websites with written articles about the best tile saws, but there's nothing like seeing them in action to determine which one performs the best. We have included the DeWalt wet tile saw video on the right hand side to show you its features. If you like reading consumer comments, then is your ultimate source for feedback. You get all types of users from DIY to pros. Most of the negative reviews unfortunately are for things like 'bad shipping' or 'missing pieces'. Those things may deter the product from getting 5 out of 5 stars, but it shouldn't reflect on how the saw runs once it's assembled. Be sure to weed out the misleading reviews and get comments on how the saw actually runs to determine which one is for you.

Best Wet Tile Saw
#1 : DEWALT D24000 1.5-Horsepower 10-Inch Wet Tile Saw - is our pick as the 'best buy' amongst all the tile saws. We are assuming that those searching online for a tile saw are actually going to use it more than once or twice and that is where this saw shines. With a 24 inch ripping capacity (18 inch on diagonal cuts) and an integrated 45/22.5 degree miter feature for angled cuts, the saw will do it all. We like the plunge feature - perfect for making those quick cuts for A/C registers or electrical outlets. Another aspect that experts praise is how light the saw is at 69 pounds. This allows 1 person to transport it around while some of the other heavier saws are hard to consider 'portable'. The dual water nozzles are adjustable so the blade stays cool and the water spray is kept to a minimum. The saw is durable, compact, and convenient. Use it at home or on the jobsite and you won't be disappointed.

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5 Star Rating
Best Wet Tile Saw Under $1000
#2 : Lackmond WTS2000LN Beast - The name pretty much sums it up. You get a 10 inch wet tile/stone saw with a laser, worklight and stand. The powerful 2.4HP 15 amp motor will cut through almost anything. Need precision cuts, then use the laser guide. Comes with a heavy duty folding stand with locking wheels. At nearly $900 you get all the bells and whistles you'd expect. Accurate bevel cuts at 45 and 22.5 degrees. The price might be a deterent for some, but if you need to cut all types of tile or stone, the Lackmond is great. Many owners say it's very similar to the Bosch TC10.

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5 Star Rating
Budget Wet Tile Saw
#3 : SKIL 3540-02 4.2-Amp 7-Inch - Definitely the little workhorse of the bunch. Great for smaller tile jobs around the house. Not meant for professional work, but the occasional tile work. The stainless steel table top is resistant to corrosion and it comes with an adjustable rip fence with a miter gauge. You do get accurate and straight cuts. Need a bevel cut, just adjust the Skil from 0 to 45 degrees. The water reservoir will help with the blade cooling and keeps dust and debris to a minimum. We've seen this saw makes cuts on 12"x24" porcelain tile. Perfect for the DIY homeowner that takes on smaller projects - guest bathroom tile floor or laundry room tile counters. Even a kitchen backsplash is doable with this saw. At less than $100, surprisingly the Skil 3540-02 gets above average ratings for those that cut tile. A contractor tool it is not, but still a good saw.

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5 Star Rating

Photos of Wet Tile Saws:

wet tile saw wet tile saw wet tile saw

Key Features to Look For:

- Miter feature for angled cuts
- Ability to make plunge cuts
- Water reservoir or water nozzles to keep blade cool and dust to a minimum
- Laser guide for precision cutting
- LED worklight

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