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Rowing Machine Reviews

Best Rowing Machine Under $1000:

Looking to buy a rowing machine? Don't want to spend too much? Our article will focus on the research we compiled for the best rowing machines on the market based on features like ergonomics, ease of use, construction, user safety, price, storage, weight capacity, and exercise programs available via their LCD displays. Indoor rowers can be a great way to get a cardiovascular workout without ruining your joints (like with running). The low impact exercise with rowers is what people appreciate and we tested out 5 of the top models to provide insight into which ones performed the best. In all the professional reviews done by companies like Consumer Reports, the Concept2 rowing machines consistently rank near the top based on a variety of attributes. H20 and Water Rower models are a clear 2nd and 3rd in most results. The Concept2 Model D ($900) is our favorite pick based on many things, but most importantly it's easy to setup (assembly is smooth) and you can instantly get moving on it. The Performance Monitor 5 (PM5) system lets you monitor your rowing each and every time. Compare data and vary your workouts to enhance your cardiovascular fitness levels. The design of the Concept2 is sleek and modern and it separates into 2 pieces for easy storage. At just $900, it's the best option at under $1000. Next up is the ProRower H2O RX-750 ($750) which is a great solution if more than 1 member in your family wants to take on rowing as an exercise. The rowing machines will adjust to fit all family members and the Hydro-Power Drive system reacts just like as if you were on the water. 'Smooth and relaxing' is how they describe it. The display is easy to read and you can track all the vital workout details. Although many of the Water Rower machines are priced above the $1000 mark, we felt we needed to mention them in the article. The WaterRower A1 Home is highly rated by Consumer Reports and we have included a video of it below. A sleek design and a very smooth feeling while rowing, but they scored less than other brands on ease of use. Still a great rowing machine for home use. We also looked into the Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower ($600) which is slightly old fashioned with a magnetic resistance system, yet remains very effective for those wanting a good, low-impact workout. Lastly, we checked out the HCI Fitness Sprint Outrigger Scull Rowing Machine ($370) - these are the old style rowing machines many of us grew up with. The design mimics how oars would be on a row boat. Much more difficult on the body and the piston rowing machine feels different than modern designs. It's compact and features an LCD display. As you can see, price varies greatly on all these indoor rowing machines. Which one is right for your workout needs? View the most popular indoor rowers here.

Best Rowing Machine Under $1000
#1 : Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine - This one comes in just under the $1000 mark. Concept2 has been amazing us for years and they keep improving their indoor rowers for home use. The Model D now is equipped with their PM5 system. The Performance Monitor 5 let's you track all your data - speed, distance, calories burned, pace, watts, etc. The menu on the screen is easy to follow and you can choose from preset workouts, games, or even multiple languages. For a great cardiovascular workout the Concept2 Model D rower is the perfect pick at under $1000 (this one sells for about $900). Indoor rowing has never been easier and storage is simple. This rowing machine will separate into 2 parts and the caster wheels make it mobile. With a 500 pound weight capacity, the rower is meant for all body types. For those that want a full-body workout with low impact on the joints, then rowing makes total sense. The flywheel design gives you a smooth pull and minimizes the noise levels. Reviews for Concept2 Model D rowers are near perfect. Customers say things like 'this machine saved my life' and 'great rower - took less than 15 minutes to assemble'. We have used the Concept2 rowers for years and they truly deliver on their promise of a full body exercise routine that is much easier on your body than running on treadmills. You'd be surprised how toned your upper body will get within a few months.

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5 Star Rating
Best Rowing Machine Under $750
#2 : ProRower H2O RX-750 Home Series Rowing Machine - The H20 Fitness rower is very similar to the Water Rower products that cost well over $1000. You still get the innovative Hydro-Power Drive system with polycarbonate water tank with an internal paddle system that will replicate the feeling of rowing through water. The handgrips are ergonomically designed and the footrests are easy to adjust and pivoting. We always find that the seats could be a bit more comfortable, but this one is ok. Want to track your workouts? The ProRower H2O RX-750 features an oversized display panel that is easy to read and will keep track of distance, calories, time and lots more. Maximum weight capacity on this unit is 350 pounds. Many of our customers use this rower while watching TV instead of sitting on the couch. When done, just slide it under your couch or bed (or put in a closet). We hear comments like 'great rower' and 'impressive water rower'. The pull is very smooth and you can get a tremendous workout - all while watching your favorite TV show. We like the Water Rower models, but for less than $750 you still get a great home rowing machine with all the top features.

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5 Star Rating
Budget Magnetic Rower
#3 : Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower - Not all rowers are made the same and the Velocity model proves you can stay old school and still put out a quality product. The magnetic rower features a resistance system with a Drum Magnetic Control. The results are very impressive with the electronic tension control. The main beam is designed with anodized aluminum and the maximum weight allowed on this home rower is 275 pounds. You get a heart rate monitor chest strap so you can keep track of your cardio workout at all times. The PU molded saddle is reasonable and the entire rowing machine is foldable, so storage is easy. There is an LCD monitor on the rower which lets you track stroke/minute, distance, calories, watt, pulse, count, and time. With 12 programs to choose from you get a variety of workouts whenever you get on the rower. Comments from owners include 'great workout for the entire family' and 'low impact rowing is great for my body'.

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5 Star Rating

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