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Pressure Washer Reviews - Expert Analysis and Advice

Best Pressure Washers:

There's nothing like using a pressure washer on a dirty driveway, a mossy walkway, or even on decks. A pressure washer is roughly 10 to 50 times more powerful than your regular outdoor hoses and they use dramatically less water. I have borrowed my neighbors gas powered pressure washer a few times but I found it too powerful on my driveway and it was literally blowing pebbles through the air and it was dangerous. My brother has a Husky pressure washer that is only about 1800psi (pounds per square inch) but it does the job on most things I need done. The electric pressure washer is an excellent option for homeowners that don't need all the power from a gas pressure washer.

If you have areas around your house or business that have oil or grease stains, you may need a hot water pressure washer to maximize your cleaning time. These units are the most expensive of the entire bunch with prices reaching upwards of $5000. The NorthStar Gas Powered Wet Steam & Hot Water Pressure Washer with Honda Engine - 3000 PSI, 4 GPM ($3333.99) is top rated and it sprays hot water and steam to cleanup the toughest stains. Landa and Hotsy are two more brands in the hot water pressure washer category. Everypressurewasher.com has a huge selection of pressure washers designed to spray hot water and their Kranzle and Mi-T-M brands sell very well.

Best Electric Power Washer:

When you choose between electric versus gas powered pressure washers consider the type of jobs you need to get done and how often you will use the machine. An electric power washer works great on smaller items like grills, cars, boats, outdoor furniture, and even driveways. The water pressure just can't compare with that generated from a gas pressure washer like Karcher 2400 PSI Pressure Washer with a Honda engine or the Briggs & Stratton 2550 PSI Gas Pressure Washer both of which cost about $400. Gas powered power washers are perfect for cleaning driveways with moss or dirt, sidewalks and walkways around your house, decking, patios, and house siding. I live in Portland, Oregon and our driveway gets moss growing on it during the winter time and the runoff from the rain from our flower gardens onto the walkways leaves them stained and dirty. I use a gas powered pressure washer to clean all these areas up. What size pressure washer do you need? They are rated in PSI (pounds per square inch) and most of the electric washers are rated from 1000 psi up to about 1800psi. The gas powered washers start at 1500psi and go up to about 3500 psi. A good heavy duty pressure washer has a rating of 2500 psi and can clean a wood deck in 10 minutes and patios in 5 minutes. Another term to consider is the gallons per minute (GPM) which defines the water flow rate in the pressure washer. Find a pressure washer with a high GPM so you can clean more surface area in less time. A high cleaning unit number means more power. Gas engines will be measured in horsepower (hp) and electric models are measured in amps. You will find 2 types of pump-drive methods in pressure washers - belt driven and direct drive. Belt driven pumps show in tests that they are more efficient at cleaning and over time prove quite durable. The nozzle on the end of the wand or spray gun is what determines how wide a spray you will get and how much water pressure is being forced out. The wider the spray means less water pressure and a tight spray from the nozzle means higher pressure. You can adjust the nozzle for different jobs - wider spray for things like lawn furniture and a much tighter spray for driveways that have deep, down dirt or grease. Pricing is all over the board depending on which type you buy - electric or gas powered. Small electric pressure washers tend to run between $100 and $300 while large electric pressure washers for consumers are from $180 up to $300 for the Campbell Hausfeld 1800 PSI. In reviews we read online as well as in magazines like Money Magazine, we found that Karcher and Campbell Hausfeld have some of the better products on the market. A good consumer gas powered pressure washer will run you $400 for something like the Karcher 2600 PSI Pressure Washer or you can get the Briggs & Stratton 3400 PSI for $600. The top brands are Kranzle, McCulloch, PowerWasher, Campbell Hausfeld, Karcher, Dirt Killer, Simpson, Vox, Maxus, Cam Spray, Delco, AR, Coleman Powermate, and Sistema. Lastly, you'll need to determine if you need a hot water or cold water pressure washer. Experts say the hot water pressure washers are definitely faster and do a better job of cleaning than cold water types, but they more expensive and really needed in more industrial situations than residential. Cold water pressure washers do great on smaller projects, however they will require more time to get items clean. You can read reviews for pressure washers on Consumersearch.com, Everypressurewasher.com, Pressurewashersdirect.com, Amazon.com, and Epinions.com. Online forums like those on Gardenweb.com and at the Power-Washer-Advisor.com make great reference sites for learning all there is to know about pressure washers before you purchase. Where will you find pressure washers? Home improvement stores like Lowes and Home Depot carry a few brands, Sears carries Craftsman pressure washers, and WalMart supplies a few models from Brute, Karcher and Campbell Hausfeld. We suggest shopping online at Amazon.com, Everypressurewasher.com, or Pressurewashersdirect.com. You can view the most popular pressure washers online here.

RECOMMENDED - The Karcher 1850 PSI Electric Pressure Washer w/Induction Motor ($320) is the perfect solution for almost all homeowners who need the periodic cleaning of patio furniture or to get surface level debris off sidewalks and driveways. Many owners of other, cheaper electric power washers complain that they don't get enough cleaning power out of their machines. An example is the Campbell Hausfeld PW1750 1,750 PSI washer. Although we found mostly positive reviews for Campbell Hausfeld, the 1750 psi pressure washer from them received poor ratings in several online owner comments for lack of power and cleaning ability. The Karcher (model K 5.93) is a very durable electric pressure washer that comes with two spray wands. The DirtBlaster pressure washer wand gives you the intense spraying power you need while the Vario Power Spray wand is less powerful. Karcher is well recognized as one of the top selling residential pressure washers do go with the name you know. We did look into the Craftsman brand at Sears which usually has some reasonably priced pressure washers, but their electric models didn't fair too well with consumers so we are leaving them off our list this year. As for Sistema pressure washers, one prominent review site says they are a great buy but we could find no data online or in magazines to back up that claim.

Looking for a pressure washer with a little more power? We think the top rated Karcher G 2600 ($399.99) is an excellent choice. The G 2600 is a high end consumer pressure washer with a commercial grade pump and all the power is supplied from the Honda 161cc engine. You get 4 nozzles so you can essentially do any type of cleaning job around the house. The 10" pneumatic tires make it easy to transport around your yard or property. The main website for Karcher pressure washers is HERE. Another "best buy" is the Campbell Hausfeld PW2575 ($399.99) which features a Honda engine with a turbo. Works great on cleaning siding and decks. You can use the high pressure soap lance on tough, cleaning jobs.

Again, you'll need to choose between gas and electric on these models, but we say go with gas for superior performance. The Briggs and Stratton 20289 ($285) is a top seller and features a 25 foot high pressure hose, a detergent injection system, 2200 psi and it's very portable. Owners say it starts easily, and comes with 3 nozzles are designed for different jobs. The delicate nozzle lets you do gentle cleaning and is low pressure, the median pressure nozzle is great or all purpose cleaning, and the high pressure nozzle will take care of dirt and hard to reach areas. The Briggs & Stratton model 20272 also receives good reviews from owners and it too offers 2200 psi with 4 spray nozzles.

Top Selling Pressure Washer:

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