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Ping Pong Table Reviews - Expert Analysis and Advice

Best Ping Pong Table Under $500:

How much do you need to spend on a new ping pong table? We say you can do just fine for under $500. Many of the top brands like JOOLA, Butterfly, and Stiga have options that are priced below $500 and customer reviews are excellent on those models. Our staff has over 50 years of playing on recreational table tennis tables so we decided to put the top 3 tables up to a quality test. Much like Consumer Reports rates products based on various factors, we too decided to do a direct comparison between top brands to see which one can truly be considered the best. We rated the tables for features like ease of assembly, table top consistency, safety devices, storage, net quality and price. We know that you can buy a cheaper table at Sears or Walmart for $250, but those tables may not last very long and the surfaces have questionable materials that tend to warp or crack along the edges. Our #1 rated table is the JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table which actually sells for less than $400. One of the main reasons why we give JOOLA a high ranking is because of how easy it is to put together. We may be experts at this type of things, but even owner reviews posted online said they were able to assemble the entire table in less than 30 minutes. The table itself is actually two pieces that come together to form the table tennis table. The separate halves make for much easier storage in compact areas. That is another reason why we liked the JOOLA indoor ping pong table so much. The 5/8 inch thick table top provided consistent bounces with all type of spins. We really like to see surfaces that react well when players are starting to hit topspin balls. We know that recreational players tend to hit 'flat' balls (meaning no spin), but as you improve it's nice to know the table is there to help. The price point is perfect for families that want it for home play or even for businesses or places like churches or schools that need a durable table all year round. The 1.5 inch diameter steel automatic legs are stable and the dual safety locking devices give you added safety when playing or just storing the table. The net and post are also included, although no rackets or balls are in the box. The table weighs about 140 pounds, so it's solid and durable, but you can still maneuver it quite easily with the 4 wheels per side. The only complaints we could find online were with consumers that did not get all the parts when they ordered the table. This can happen periodically as shipping companies may leave out parts. No worries, just call to get the necessary parts to complete the assembly.

The Butterfly TR21 Personal Rollaway Table Tennis Table comes in at $475. The Butterfly TR21 is a notch below the JOOLA simply because of the assembly process. It's not nearly as easy as the JOOLA which keeps it from getting top billing in our eyes. No consumer wants to order a product in which they have to spend hours putting it together. Yes, if you are totally competent the Butterfly ping pong table goes up in about 1 hour and 15 minutes. Those with less skills, you could be looking at 2 to 3 hours. Nevertheless, once the table is assembled, it's as solid and durable as the JOOLA. The 3/4 inch wood table top is exactly what any amateur player needs for consistent ball bounce and feel. We like the easy fold and roll system with the 5 inch ball bearing casters, although again it does not fit as compactly in storage as the JOOLA. In terms of durability, the table has held up in our warehouse for 3 years without an issue and we play on it nearly everyday. We did find that the rim around the table does have a tendency to come off in places. We were able to glue it back successfully.

Our last table reviewed was the Stiga Triumph Table Tennis Table with Quick Play which is priced the same as the Butterfly, but $75 more than the JOOLA. Features include 2 inch steel aprons, 5/8 inch Tournament blue top, and self-opening legs with curved steel linkages. It does setup quickly, we are talking 20 minutes or so. The design is a bit different than most tables in terms of supports. Seems like a bit more assembly, but it went smoothly. The table allows for the playback position, which means you can fold up one side and hit against it if you don't have a playing partner. The Stiga Legacy (at $340) gets less than positive reviews and the Stiga Synergy at $450 is probably your next best bet. Stiga is a name that has been around for as long as we've been playing and they do make solid ping pong tables. We just think that for the money you are better off with one of the other 2 models we have listed above.

Ping Pong Table Reviews:

We found lots of reviews for cheaper tables online at Walmart or Sears, they both sell the Prince table tennis tables. Tabletennisdb.com always comes highly recommended as one of the best unbiased sources on the web. Plenty of tables listed, but not a lot under the $500 mark. Amazon is one of our trusted places to shop since they carry all levels of ping pong tables. If you are considering a table that can be used for indoor or outdoor play, then check out Best Outdoor Ping Pong Tables. The website carries the latest in depth reviews on outdoor ping pong tables with high end brands like Kettler, KillerSpin, and Cornilleau amongst their picks. You are looking at $700 or more for most of them, but worth a look if you plan on playing in your backyard.

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Top Selling Ping Pong Tables Under $500:

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