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Patio Heater Reviews

Best Patio Heaters:

Many of us enjoy using our backyards and even when the summer months fade away its nice to be able to spend time outdoors in the evenings. A quality patio heater will allow you to stay warm in your yard even on the coldest of nights. They have come down in price over the last few years and many of my neighbors have invested in a patio heater. I was contemplating an outdoor heater or buying a firepit and sitting around that. I like the fact that the patio heaters are much more mobile and portable and I can easily move it from my front yard into my backyard garden within just a few minutes. Patio heaters are powered by either natural gas, electricity, or liquid propane. Although propane is by far the most expensive of the 3 types, it also lets you move the heater around without a cord or gas line attached.

Best Propane Outdoor Heater:

I happen to have a natural gas line hooked up in my yard and that's how I fire up my Weber BBQ, so I figured I may as well look into a line connection that would let me run a natural gas patio heater in my yard. Natural gas is fairly cheap but electricty is probably even cheaper where I live. How much heat can you expect from a patio heater? It all depends on the BTU or heat capacity that the model offers. Top sellers like the Endless Summer 200209 Deluxe Residential Patio Heater ($255) has a rating of 40,000 BTU/hr. The heating diameter on this size unit is about 20 feet so plenty of people can crowd around and stay cozy. Patio heaters run on electricity don't give warmth in terms of BTU's, rather they mention how many watts their heater produces. Table top patio heaters are smaller than the freestanding ones and therefore have a maximum of 20,000 BTU's. Models like the Endless Summer Round Table Top Patio Heater ($109) are still capable of heating quite a few people who are sitting around a table. Experts mention you should check out the reflector size at the top of any heater you are considering buying - bigger reflectors means a wide area will be heated. Besides free standing and tabletop patio heaters, you will also find those that are good for hanging and some are designed to be installed into the ground and placed in a fixed location. You will find many websites carrying commercial patio heaters, the kind you see at restaurants or bars that seat patrons outdoors in the evenings. If you hold big parties in your neighborhood or yard it's not a bad idea to look into the commercial units, however, most homeowners can get away with the residential models and be very content. Look for patio heaters with lots of safety features so you can rest assured that you won't have an accident. Many heaters feature things like automatic burner shutoff when the unit is tilted or knocked over. Also, if the burner goes out for any reason, you want a patio heater that will automatically turn the gas off. More sophisticated models offer things like oxygen-depletion sensors which shut the heater down when it senses less oxygen in the area. Stainless steel patio heaters are the most popular of all the styles, but you will pay for that look. A good alternative is powder coated aluminum. You'll want a heater with a push button piezo electric ignition, like those found on the Arctic Sun Bullet Style Patio Heater. It makes for easy starting and eliminates needing a match to light it. You, make sure the heater has adjustable heat settings you can raise or lower the output at any given time. The burn time on many of the propane patio heaters is about 9 to 15 hours - depending on which heat setting you are running it on. The top brands are Arctic, Cool Heat, Dayva, Endless Summer, Fire Sense, Garden Sun, Homestead, Costco, and Sunglo. The good news is that most residential outdoor heaters cost between $100 and $250, with a select few going beyond that amount. The electric patio heaters are perhaps the cheapest and use infrared technology to heat up the people around it. We found some excellent reviews on Outdoorpatioheaters.net and Patioheaterstation.com. You can buy garden and patio heaters online at Amazon.com.

RECOMMENDED - The Endless Summer patio heaters showed up more often in customer comments posted online and in expert reviews of the best patio heaters. The Endless Summer 200209 Deluxe Residential Patio Heater ($255) is an excellent choice for any homeowner that only wants to use their outdoor heater occasionally. The reflector (dome) has a 26.5 inch diameter and it maxs out at 40,000 BTU/hr in output. The push button ignitor is easy to operate and a standard 20 lb tank of liquid propane will power the Endless Summer patio heater for about 9 to 15 hours. Owners say they like how sturdy the 88 lb model is and the stainless steel construction is nice for all weather climates. The heat settings are adjustable and it offers a heating range of 314 square feet. For safety purpose, the unit will shut off when the heater is tilted too far in any direction. You will need a few basic tools to assembly the Endless Summer 200209.

Not everyone needs a large, 7 or 8 foot tall patio heater in their yards. The smaller, tabletop models are perfect for many homeowners. The Endless Summer Premium 6-Sided Tabletop Patio Heater ($113) is a great solution for smaller gatherings or just your family. It has a heating diameter of 10 feet and delivers 11,000BTU/hr. The heat settings are adjustable and the push button piezo electric ignition makes starting the heater very easy. The oxygen depletion sensor is a nice safety feature to have and it will shut down the system 100% if necessary.

Many of my neighbors have recently bought patio heaters and several purchased theirs through Costco. The stainless steel patio heater from Costco is 89 inches tall and runs on propane with 40,000 BTU's. The heat range is 18 ft diameter and the ignitor is the standard Piezo found on almost all the outdoor heaters we found. Has the auto shut off tilt valve for safety and it's priced at below $200. You can view it online at Costco.com but you need to be a member in order to purchase it. Looking for a good selection of electric patio heaters? We found a good website that carries a wide variety of styles with reasonable pricing. Electricpatiospaceheaters.com has outdoor heaters in either stainless steel or powder coated finishes. The infrared patio heaters are meant to be mounted above the ground level at about 7 feet or so and they are not effected by the wind like other gas powered heaters. They are energy efficient and have no emissions. They cost about $.36/hr to run if you are using a standard 3000 Watt electric patio heater (about half the cost of gas). Some of the wall mount electric heaters are above $400, but the cheaper 700/800/1500 Watt models plug into a regular electrical outlet and work great. We found a few models like the Soleus HP1-15-50 on Patioshoppers.com. The Uniflame Residential Outdoor Patio Heater ($265) is a top rated propane heater that comes in black (pole and base). The Uniflame patio heater heats up to an 18' circle with 40,000 BTU/hr. output. It runs on liquid propane and is perfect for decks, backyards, and patios.

Top Selling Patio Heaters:

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