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Golf Travel Bag Reviews - Expert Analysis and Advice

Best Golf Travel Bags:

Traveling in general can be a real hassle, especially if you don't have the right type of luggage. Those of us that golf have even bigger issues as we have to determine how to get our golf clubs through an airport and to our final destination. Sure, FedEX now ships golf clubs, but that can get expensive. If you plan on regularly taking your golf clubs on business or personal travel trips, then buying a quality golf travel bag is a must. Years ago it used to be that the hard case golf travel bags were the way to go. Today, the soft shell bags like the Club Glove Burst Proof With Wheels 2 are very popular and you see fewer and fewer of the hardsided cases. Our golfing club did a recent survey to find out which travel bags live up to their hype. We had 15 guys give their feedback on travel golf bags - their opinions were based on things like durability, easy of maneuverability, padding, adequate storage space, price, and fits into rental cars trunks ok. Almost all major brands were represented including CaddyDaddy, Club Glove, Samsonite, SKB, Intech, Bag Boy, Ogio, and Sun Mountain. Prices range from $60 to $300. We were not totally surprised by the findings as the hard shell cases just didn't rate as well as the soft case designs.

All the travel bags had been used for at least a year, so the feedback was based on ACTUAL use. The SKB 2SKB-4814W Deluxe ATA Golf Travel Case was the only hard shell carrying case that stood up to demands of travel. Other hard sided cases had broken hinges or locking issues. I know from first hand experience the troubles associated with hard case travel golf bags and I prefer the soft case models much better. The CaddyDaddy Golf Constrictor 2 Travel Cover was one of the cheapest bags ($70) and it rated fairly high in most categories. Made with 1800D durable nylon construction and inline skate wheels. The heavy padding on top is a plus, but we suggest buying the Bag Boy Backbone ($25) which provides that added support and keeps clubs like your driver from being bent or broken while inside the bag. If the bags aren't totally full, they tend to collapse a bit and make for harder traveling. Our advice is to fill them up completely with extra clothing, shoes, etc. The tighter the fit the better off your clubs will be as they won't be jostling around. CaddyDaddy is 2nd only to the Club Glove below. RECOMMENDED - The top rated Club Glove Burst Proof With Wheels 2 was the outright winner. At $220 it was not the cheapest of the bunch nor was it the most expensive. It came right in at the price that most of us would expect to spend on a bag designed to protect our $1000 set of golf clubs. There are over 15 colors to choose from and it will accommodate a club up to 47" in length. The bag is manufactured totally in the United States and the Cordura fabric provides maximum durability. Many of our golfing partners mentioned how easy it was to maneuver this travel bag through airports with the in-line skate wheels. DO NOT purchase any golf travel bag that doesn't have wheels, otherwise you will be kicking and screaming as you lug it through parking lots and airports. There is plenty of added padding around the club head area. We wouldn't describe the Club Glove as 'indestructable' but it is very close. Other features include two interior shoe pockets, split top zipper, two-inch webbing, riveted handles, and the added footings at the base mold give you better balance than most bags. Even our local golf shop owner told us that he sells more of the Club Gloves than any other brand and his customers are 100% satisfied. The Ogio Monster Golf Travel Bag, Black is another option, although at $250 it's not the most affordable. Reviews are near perfect for this oversized golf travel bag. The main compartment is huge - enough space to put in lots of extras besides your golf clubs. It will fit tour and stand bags without a problem. The quality and design are superior to most other travel golf bags, but at nearly $100 more, is it worth it? That's up to you.

Hard Case Golf Travel Bag:

There are 3 main hard shell travel bags - Samsonite Hardside Golf Travel Case, SKB 2SKB-4814W Deluxe ATA Golf Travel Case, and Golf Travel Bags LLC Guardian. The only one that received above average scores was the SKB 2SKB-4814W Deluxe ATA Golf Travel Case at $180. It will definitely keep your clubs secure during the traveling process, but many people mentioned how bulky the outside frame and design of this case are. The other bags will fold up a bit when they aren't storing your golf bag. The case is made with ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (US Military uses this same material) and SKB has an unparalleled million mile guarantee and $1500 golf club coverage. The TSA accepts the locking latch system. Our experience with airline baggage handlers is that they throw bags around and the soft shell bags are a touch more forgiving than the hard case ones. Keep in mind that when renting a car, the trunks aren't always shaped perfectly to allow bags into them, especially large ones. One of our buddies had to put his hard shell bag in the back seat since it didn't fit in the trunk. You never know what can happen when traveling.

Travel Golf Bag Reviews:

Besides our mens golf club group, we looked to other sources to verify which bags held up the best. One of the best reviews was done via the Golf Channel and their Morning Drive show. We have the video listed below if you want to watch their opinions. They rated the BagBoy T2000 with a pivot grip handle and backbone support system (similar to the Stiff Arm), the Ogio Mammoth with oversized compartments, the Club Glove Burst Proof - with Stiff Arm for $25, and the Sun Mountain Club Glider Journey with retractable legs. Padding is everything says one of the announcers and we totally agree. Hard shell bags are not as popular and with soft shell bag advancements hard case travel bags may be a thing of the past. All bags should last 5 to 10 years with an average of 3 trips a year. Those that are more durable could handle even more steady travel demands. Also, we found some great feedback on Golfdigest.com with a slightly more dated review of 10 models. Lastly, we always trust the enormous amount of owner comments as posted online at Amazon.com. You literally get to read hundreds of in depth opinions by people who have actually used and abused these bags. We always cross reference our findings with those of a larger sampling as done by Amazon.

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Top Selling Golf Travel Bags:

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