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Dog Hair Clipper Reviews - Expert Analysis and Advice

Best Dog Hair Clippers:

When you own a dog, part of the fun is deciding whether or not you will do the dog grooming yourself or take your pet to a grooming service like those offered at Petco, Petsmart, or a local pet salon. The average cost to a professional pet grooming service is about $40. Keep in mind that the average price for dog hair clippers is about $100, but after the first few times you are saving lots of $$$. Anyone with a thick hair dog knows that pet hair is a nuisance and regular trimming is essential. We have 2 dogs, an Australian Shepherd and a Poodle. Unfortunately for us, they are rated as two of the breeds of dogs with the hardest maintenance. Buying a pair of professional animal clippers was the only choice or else we may have gone broke. We actually bought 3 types of clippers to see which ones worked best and then returned the other two. The pet hair clippers were rated on features like motor strength, motor type, cordless vs corded, how much heat the blades generated, and accessories that come with them. Prices vary but we knew we would get plenty of use from the dog hair clipper, so we went with professional models to get the job done right. The 3 pet hair clippers we tested were the Oster A5 Turbo 2-Speed, Andis UltraEdge AGC 2-Speed, and the Wahl 8786-451A ARCO SE. Each was given a good workout on our dogs and the findings are below.

The Oster A5 Turbo 2-Speed Professional Animal Clipper was the first pet clipper we tried out. We had heard good things from other friends on this one, but instantly discovered how hot the blades and housing can get when grooming. Yes, the universal rotary motor is powerful - you get over 4000 strokes per minute with the Oster A5 Turbo. With 2 speeds, we tried the lower speed option hoping to get less heat off the main body, but it still got fairly hot to the touch. The blades clip matted hair easily and many owners online mention using the clippers on dogs, cats, horses and rabbits. Our main issue was the excessive heat produced at both the head and body after maybe 15 minutes. With two dogs we like to do the grooming all at once, but perhaps with the Oster A5 it would be better to split up our grooming sessions and do one at a time to give the clipper time to cool off. Overall, when it's running cool, the A5 Turbo runs smooth and it's a good value considering the Andis and Wahl below are more expensive. RECOMMENDED - After countless trials and issues with blades heating up too fast, we decided on the Andis UltraEdge AGC 2-Speed Detachable-Blade Animal Clipper . This is the clipper that our pet groomer was using when we originally took our dogs into a professional grooming service. I assumed that if it was good enough for the pros, then certainly it would be fine for our dogs. One of the biggest issues with pet hair clippers is that they heat up too fast. We read dozens of owner reviews online stating that the Oster or Wahl clippers housing became too hot to hold. People resorted to all sorts of things just to get the clipping done - holding the clipper with a towel, doing half now and half later, etc. Those are not good solutions. The Andis AGC 2 is about as perfect as you can get. The 2 speed motor stays cool and remains really quiet. We like that is works with all UltraEdge and CeramicEdge blades. The blades are easy to detach and you can quickly change or even clean them. The design is also ergonomic for both my wife and I. Some clippers become heavy or cumbersome in your hand as you maneuver around your dog/pet. The 14 foot heavy duty cord is a bonus. I can't tell you how many times we've groomed the dogs in our yard and that extra few feet of power cord is huge. Cordless was always an option, but expert pet groomers will tell you that cordless usually equates to less power and that can be an issue with dogs that have thick coats of fur. The Andis dog hair clipper runs at 3400 or 4400 strokes per minutes meaning the grooming job will go fast and safe. There is a 1 year limited warranty on the clippers. When you look online for owner reviews, comments are resoundingly positive with feedback like "extremely high quality machine" and "like a hot knife through butter". You can check out the Andis in action - we provided a short video clip off to the right.

Cordless Dog Hair Clipper:

Ok, who wants to deal with a corded pet hair clipper. Dogs can be active even when trying to groom them and dealing with a stray cord can be troublesome. Ideally, a cordless dog hair clipper should eliminate having to clip your dogs hair inside and allow you to let the dog be outside while grooming. The Wahl 8786-451A ARCO SE Professional Cordless Pet Clipper Kit was the last model we tested out and it's definitely worth considering. At $120 it's right in line in terms of price when compared to the Andis or Oster listed above. The unit is both lightweight and powerful - provides up to 5500 strokes per minute. You get an 80 minute runtime with 2 NiMH batteries and the blades don't get hot. We found the clipper was better for finishing work on the face or feet, and although it goes through coats fairly easily, the Andis did a better job. The 5 in 1 clipper kit has blade sizes of 9, 10, 15, 30, and 40. The clipper did run quiet and smooth. A few of the negatives on the clipper were that it has brittle housing - plastic piece that keeps the clipper head on can break. Also, a few beginners mentioned they had a hard time using the clippers to groom. The rotary motor on the Andis made dealing with mats and tangles just a little easier and that is why we went with the Andis as our overall pick. The Wahl would be our first recommended option for those that want a cordless pet hair clipper. Check out the video posted below in which professional dog groomer Sue Zecco used the #45 blade on the Wahl clipper to groom a dog. All the features are clearly displayed and you can see how easy it is to use.

Dog Hair Clipper Reviews:

Want to read more owner or expert reviews for dog hair clippers or trimmers? We always recommend going to Amazon.com since they list all the latest brands and models with literally 100's of reviews on most of the popular ones. If reading reviews isn't enough, we also suggest that you call down to a few of the local dog grooming shops in your area and ask them what kind of pet hair clippers they use. You'll get a variety of answers and maybe they will even tell you why they like one over the other. When you combine the expert comments with owner reviews, we are sure you will find the right clipper for your dog or pet. With hundreds of breeds of dogs out there, some clipper do work better than others on various hair and fur. You can always test out 3 or 4 pet clippers like we did and stick with the product that performs the best. Ultimately, you want your dog to feel comfortable while you are grooming them at home. If the dog is relaxed and calm, then your job just got a lot easier. Good luck with your search and send us feedback on new dog clippers.

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