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Air Hockey Table Reviews

Best Air Hockey Tables Under $1000:

If you want to get your kids off the couch and get them active, then consider buying an air hockey table. We all know that todays kids are growing up with video games and computers and aren't getting enough exercise. Put an air hockey table into your game room and you will see your kids being more active. We researched the top selling tables from leading brands like American Heritage, Harvil, Playcraft, Voit, Viper, Atomic, Hathaway, and American Legend. You don't have to purchase the $3000 Valley Dynamo arcade style air hockey table to have a good time. Many air hockey tables under $1000 will do just fine. In fact, we found several in the $500 range that families were happy with. Ideally you want an air hockey table that is easy to assemble, is sturdy and durable to withstand a little abuse from kids, has a quality air blower so the puck moves around the table top, and a price that won't break your bank. Sure, you can find some on Black Friday sales going for less than $250, but at some point you are going to sacrifice quality at a cost. Stores like Sears and Walmart carry the popular Harvard and Playcraft air hockey tables. Be watchful for hockey tables that require a lot of assembly - many take hours of your time to put together. If you are lucky enough there are a few Youtube videos that show the installation from start to finish. Those will really help on some models. We looked at 5 of the leading tables all priced in different ranges. The American Heritage Monarch Air-Hockey Table, American Legend Electra 7' Hockey Table, Viper Vancouver Air-Powered Hockey Table, Atomic Blazer 7' Hockey Table, and the Playcraft Derby Air Hockey Table. The biggest complaints we read about with tables were the excessive times to assemble them and the fact that many of the tables are 'cheap' and fall apart after only a year or two of play. It really comes down to who is going to be using the table. Will you have it for your younger kids? For adults? Perhaps you want a table that goes in a college dorm or company game room. In reading reviews on over 20 air hockey tables on the market, we were able to find the best in each category based on owner comments and feedback. We heard from parents, grand-parents, adults, company owners, and schools. The tables will range in size from 5 feet to 8 feet. Make sure you have enough space in the room or area you want to place the hockey table. Smaller air hockey tables tend to be less stable and have more durability issues. The high end air hockey tables are durable, sturdy, and hold up to regular use quite well.

Best Air Hockey Table Under $1000
#1 : American Heritage Monarch Air-Hockey Table - This one comes in just under the $1000 mark. Perfect additional to a game room at home or put it in your recreational room at school or work. The professional styling on the American Heritage Monarch stand out from others in this price range. The blower is powerful and you'll instantly realize why this table sells for a premium over the $500 ones. You get constant puck action as it easily flows across the top surface. The electronic scoring is another feature we appreciate - although it's not completely necessary. The cherry finish cabinet with silver trim looks great and the screen printed surface adds a commercial feel to the table. The overhead arch reminds us of those arcade air hockey tables that sell for $4000. At over 200 pounds (when fully assembled), the table is sturdy and won't be moving around on your flooring surface. Assembly is not too bad and long term durability is rated very high by owners. You get what you pay for and this home air hockey table won't disappoint.

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5 Star Rating
Best Air Hockey Table Under $500
#2 : Atomic Blazer 7' Hockey Table - Atomic is a reputable name in the gaming industry and this 7 foot air hockey table performs well. Arcade tables are 8 feet in length, so this one is a bit under that but still very playable and worth a look. Prices vary on this model, so keep an eye on it during the Black Friday sales. The heavy-duty blower (120V) provides for fast play as the puck will zip along the table top. We like the overhang rails - this keeps the puck on the table and not flying off like you see on some cheaper air hockey tables. The leg levelers are a much needed feature as you can get an even playing surface on carpets, basement floors, etc. Some owners appreciate that the air hockey table from Atomic can accommodate a ping pong converstion top and double as a table tennis table too. Assembly is rather quick - about 1 hour. The pedestal style legs are sturdy and the electronic scoring system is great. Comes with 4 black strikers and 4 pucks.

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5 Star Rating
Best Air Hockey Table for Kids
#3 : Hathaway Face-Off Air Hockey Table - For those of you parents out there wanting a budget air hockey table for your kids, this one may do it. At less than $250, it's about as low as you want to go on a table and still get something out of it. The Hathaway ice hockey table The electric blower does fine for children wanting to just have fun and not take it too seriously. The laminate coating on the playing surface will keep the puck moving along (maybe not as fast as the tables listed above). We have found that kids 10 and under like this table and parents say their kids are enjoying the new activity. Easy to put together and a 'good value' when it comes to home air hockey tables for kids.

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5 Star Rating

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